Erie Pickleball Players Association

Our mission is to support our members by providing a quality agenda of events, activities, products and information which will allow our members to enjoy, regardless of age or skill level, the fun, camaraderie and health benefits of the great sport of Pickleball.

We will make it a priority to maximize playing opportunities for our members and visitors by advocating for new and improved pickleball venues throughout the Greater Erie area.

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Annual Pickleball Membership Fee: $80 (20% off regular rate)
Court Fee: $5 per person per hour ($1 off regular rate)

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The Erie Pickleball Players Association is proud to be partnering with the City of Erie in raising funds to install six new, regulation pickleball courts at Baldwin Park in Erie, PA (23rd and Geist Road). The City of Erie Public Works Department has enthusiastically endorsed our mission by allowing us to repurpose the former tennis courts at the park. They graciously agreed to pay for and remove all old fencing and asphalt from the site.

  • Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America
  • Installation of regulation pickleball courts is exploding across the country
  • Unused tennis courts is the primary venue
  • Erie is in dire need of courts for area residents and visitors
  • Currently, there are only four (4) pickleball courts in the entire city
  • "If we have the ability to help, then we have the obligation to help"

When our ultimate fund-raising goal of $150,000 is met, the Erie area will offer beautiful, regulation-style pickleball courts on an inclusive basis to all citizens. Additionally, as a summer vacation destination, Erie will proudly offer this wonderful facility to our out-of-town guests.

Please join us in our efforts to upgrade the recreational facility at Baldwin Park while, at the same time, improving the safety, usability and beauty of one of Erie's wonderful neighborhood parks.

The funds our Association raises will be held at the City of Erie Finance Department in an account specifically designated for the "Baldwin Park Pickleball Courts" and can be used for no other purpose.

Your donation, regardless of amount, is most sincrely appreciated and accepted by The City of Erie, the Erie Pickleball Association and the citizens of the City of Erie.